WANTED! Version history


There currently exist several versions of the PAW available in the ZX Spectrum format:

  • A04-c
  • A09-c
  • A16-c
  • A16-d
  • A17-c
  • A18-?
  • B01-c
  • B02-c
  • B03-+3

… plus storage-device based versions (microdrive, +3 disk, etc). As per my limited wits and documentation, I can infer that A- versions correspond to the first generation implementation. The A04-c is the most screen-dumped english version reported in articles and internet sites. Versions kept on growing serially (maintenance and bug-ridding, most probably) up to A16-c which is, I guess, the mature release that include turn-of-the-century technical advances reported in the manual supplement for A16+versions. New maintenance releases until A-18 and, ¡tzak!, the PAW is localized into spanish and a new branch of the system emerges. The first spanish release corresponds to A18 but, from then onwards, versions are serialized upon B-. Most probably, while the spaniards ketp on upgrading the PAW Tim Gilberts had it replaced by the SWAN in England which, in turn, became the semen for the all-exclusive, in-house DAAD misterious thing, again in spanish… 

Is there any chance that an eventual somebody may have any idea on which features featured each and every of the versions of the system, so that this humble heart may compile a trustworthy version history of the software.

I wonder… were there any undocumented features hidden somewhere within the PAW?