Welcome, Tony Barber

A few months ago, I wrote Tony:

Hi there,

I am testing a new software and I was wondering If I could use Valkyrie 17 for a training exercise. Will you send me copy of maps, listings and the source code? And bla bla bla.


Tony turned out to send none of what I had requested but everything and even more: he sent a full copy of his brand new The Biro 2 writing package including the working files of Valkyrie 17. The system includes a mapping feature among many other bells and whistles. Jaw-drop.

The fact is that I would have never expected to learn that The Biro wasn’t but a database-based system, conceived somewhere near 1980+something around the commonplace idea of what a writing tool should look and work like. And that was, you’re right, Gilsoft’s The Quill (see? biro, quill… hmm). More advanced, capable of handling PSIs, a similar syntax, an editor on PC!, a pseudo-graphic mapping feature, digitised graphics’ handling (in a renamed .gif to .avg format), etcétera.


In my opinion, The Biro sits right between The Quill and The PAW. I don’t have any permission from Tony to upload it to this site nor to provide any details about the system and I thus I will not. But I believe that, despite any eventual limitations of the system or formal detours from the PAW language paradigm, The Biro is a worthy PAWish system and fully deserves to be welcome in this site among his brethren.

Should Tony eventuallly grants permission to make The Biro go public through the Reservoir, the news will be reported in due course via this blog page of the site.