Thank you, Jacob Gunness…

… and a NOTICE.


Jacob Gunness is the head and master of the Classic Adventures Solution Archive (a.k.a. CASA), a well-known site among text adventurers throughout the world since 1999 that, in his own words, “attempts to be the most comprehensive resource for solutions for classic text adventures, covering everything from Spectrum, Commodore 64 and Apple II to BBC, TRS-80, Amstrad, Dragon or Amiga“. CASA currently contains 1223 solutions, 195 maps and 359 games with hints plus interviews, news and whatever else may be related to 8-bit text adventures (mainly written with database-driven parsers such as The Quill, The PAW or The GAC, among others) and, since recently, also the side-genre of interactive fiction (namely INFORM or TADS).

Out of his own experience and expertise, Jacob has recently reviewed The PAW Reservoir and has provided me with an extremely sensible and juicy list of comments and suggestions about this site. I intend to adopt and faithfully implement all of his ideas as they will help make of The PAW Reservoir a much better and more user-friendly site. A few have already been arranged; the remainder will follow soon, as time permits.

The aforementiones notice is:

Being as yet a one-man undertake only, The PAW Reservoir is intended to advance at a reasonable pace, meaning that the site will be updated and new contents will be uploaded as often as possible but not daily. This (current) first incarnation of the site was built and filled with an advance of contents in some six days. I am still devoted to an intensive compilation work, as the existing information about the PAW is disseminated, hidden, unavailable, lost or forgotten. But I am also re-writing and editing texts, searching and finding PAW-related people, compiling (collecting parts) and packaging files to upload here, seeking contributors, writing The PAW Monster Edition working guidelines and programming specifications, drawing graphics and writing for the forthcoming Spacerogues #1 game… Once the start-up phase of the site is completed, then the time will come for embellishments and a faster-paced life… %-}

If you are a text adventurer, writer or player, then you can’t but pay Jacob a a visit at his CASA!!!

Thanks much, Jacob, for contributing your brains. And be Welcome to The PAW Reservoir.