Welcome, Philip Richmond

The Thin Basic Adventure Builder (a.k.a. TAB) is the creation of Philip Richmond. To make a long story short, TAB is a modern PAW replicant written in thin-Basic. If you download the latest version, you will feel at home with TAB as it also speaks PAW. A particular dialect, but PAW nonetheless.

You can report to http://tab.thinbasic.com/ for full information about TAB and to download the latest version available.

If you feel like watching TAB in motion, you can also visit Philip’s Youtube channel at http://www.youtube.com/user/catventure.

We sincerely thank Philip for his nice & friendly approach to this reservoir. We will keep you all posted about the evolution of TAB, the release of new versions and whichever info Philip may provide and contribute to the PAW culture through this reservoir site.