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1) The PAW Monster Edition

PAW Monster

Project abstract: The PAWME is an editor version rewrite for Windows of the original Gilsoft’s Professional Adventure Writer for the ZX Spectrum. The PAWME replicates the funtionality of the original software plus several enhancements suggested by and borrowed from indie replications of the PAW over the years. The PAWME is a database-driven system based on the sequential numbering of tables for locations, objects, words, flags (variables), processes (routines), etc., but not limited to 256 registers per table unlike the original 8-bit PAW software. The PAWME does not implement any object-oriented metaphor unlike Inform or other IF engines as it is not an application intended for simulation but for text adventure gaming. The PAWME provides comfortable limits large enough for a comfortable design of long and professional text adventures such as those produced with Inform but does not particularly endorse any world simulation commitment. The objective of the PAWME rewrite is to make the PAW programming language and all of the technicalities transparent to the user and obviate any computing knowledge that, in the long run, diverts the writers’s attention and prevent them from writing until, eventually, they refrain from producing text adventures anymore.


  • October 2009 – Tasting Superglús and ACE. Tasting Multimedia Fusion.
  • September 2009 – Cross-reading manuals (PAW, SINTAC, CAECHO, SUPERGLUS, ACE) to distill condacts and compile new & updated grammar.

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2) Spacerogues #1 – Flowers for the singer


Plancha EaglestormPlancha StellaPlancha Gaus

More to follow soon.

Do you feel like teaming up? Write to paw@artematopeya.es