People are people

Honorary Dean

  • Graeme Yeandle, creator of the PAW language and designer and main programmer of subsequent implementations – Visit his web site and home to the PC version of the PAW (+ read interview at Solution Archive).

The Master of The PAW Reservoir

Honorary Faculty

  • Andrés Samudio (El Viejor Archivero Blog), the first spaniard to fall enamoured with the PAW and then… Update: FOUND
  • Douglas Harter, programmer of the PAW for Windows. Update: FOUND
  • Tim Gilberts, co-creator of the PAW and the SWAN along with Graeme Yeandle and of the DAAD all by himself. Update: FOUND
  • Fergus McNeill, Grand Master of the Quill and the brains and hands of the ageless Delta4 since 1984. Update: FOUND
  • Cristopher Hester, grand connoiseur of the PAW language and editor of the Adventure Coder fanzine. Update: FOUND
  • Javier San José (profile page at wikicaad), programmer of the SINTAC and VISUAL SINTAC systems. Update: FOUND BUT RENEGADE.
  • Mike Gerrard, a walking Enciclopaedia about adventures and about the PAW culture.
  • Garry Capuccini, author of the PAWed jewel Crack City (where the hell are you to be found, Garry?). Update: FOUND.


  • Mark Cantrell, the prolific and reputed father to Diablo! and unbeatable PAW programmer. Update: FOUND


  • Linda Wright, the Marlin brains behind Agatha’s Folly.


  • Larry Horsfield, The Great, creator of the Alaric Blackmoon saga and the magnetic space series and a PAW master no matter what. Update: FOUND


Van Halen

Everyone’s invited…