About me & the PAW

Who am I?

I was born in 1968. The Quill, in 1984. And The PAW, in turn, in 1986.

What is The PAW Reservoir?

We who still like playing and writing text adventures or interactive fiction (games) don’t really care much about proper programming or last generation engines. In fact, we still care just a tiny bit so as to keep on wasting too much time discussing how good a certain engine or a certain programming language is. That’s why the current IF communities are mostly divided into hi-tech parsing supporters (INFORM, TADS, HUGO and the like) and the retro, simple, table-based text adventure’s engines.

A few, like me, have had a crush back since the 80’s on The Professional Adventure Writing System, a.k.a. PAW or PAWs, originally written for the rubber-keyed ZX Spectrum.

The PAW keeps on being remembered, replicated, reengineered and re-programmed upon, and his language model upgraded and maintained decades after. No matter what the others may say, many of us still believe that the PAW language is a prodigy of concept & design and insist on starting new projects using PAW even upon platforms that no longer exist (such as the ZX Spectrum) but under emulation. In 2009, new games are still being released, buddies (e.g. Los extraordinarios casos del Dr Van Halen in spanish?). Yes, as homebrewed and unpaid products. But who cares. The PAW is still alive. Portable devices, such as the Nintendo DS, or Apple iphones & Android smartphones/tablets features available software emulators for most of the 80’s home computers like the ZX Spectrum, Atari, Amiga, etc. In my forties, I’ve got a ZX Spectrum back in my hands again!.

Far beyond other “quality” factors, the limits of the PAW can also be considered strengths nowadays: a shortage of resources will undoubtedly force writers to get to develop more creative solutions, providing better results and, most importantly: MORE FUN.

This reservoir intends to compile, maintain and preserve software, information, literature, images, programming tips, source codes, routines and links on the PAW software, on the PAW language and on its kindred tools. As much of it as possible. To the limits of my reach. For the sake of memory and for the sake of completeness.

Feel free to participate, collaborate, provide or investigate along. I will be open to publishing your contributions.