WANTED! Infinite Imaginations’ SWAN and Tim Gilberts’ DAAD


Once the PAW had become the market standard benchmark for text adventuring all around the world (meaning in the UK, which in fact was meant the world as to text-adventuring),  Yeandle and Gilberts joined Hugh Hamer-Powell to create Infinite Imaginations and develop the next generation parser. It was known by the name of System without a name (SWAN) and put to good use by Fergus McNeill for his Mindfighter game. Along all the bells and whistles already available in PAW, the new system allowed for the use of digitised graphics instead of a line editor, an even more advanced English parser, advanced intelligent interactive characters, an alternative icon-driven system control and many, many, many other beautifulities.

Time later, Tim Gilberts was hired by the spanish company Aventuras AD to create a tailor-made, all new in-house parser featuring PAW’s and SWAN’s tools plus new enhancements suggested by Andrés Samudio. The Diseñador de Aventuras AD (DAAD) reached version 2.8 and only a few may be aware of the secret location of the vault where the DAAD backup files are kept today.

These systems belong inasmuch to the PAW culture. They have been kept hidden for years and it IS definitely hard to get hold of them by any means.

If you are Andrés Samudio or any other living identity, have a copy of the DAAD and want to contribute your treasures with the PAW culture and the worldwide PAW community, you are invited to do so. The same applies if you want to be credited for sharing your copy of the SWAN system. Any versions, any systems. Both packages, when provided, will be made available at the PAW Zero page of this site.

Thank you in advance for your generosity.

¿Where on earth is Andrés Samudio?

Samudio sepia

Andrés once had a vision. He tried and made his hardest to create a market for text adventuring in spanish. He was passionate about text adventures. He was passionate about stories and writing games. He was passionate about computers and entertainment. He opened the homegrown adventure writing scene to the avid spanish creators of the time. He made it possible that I got hold of my very own copy of the PAW (which I still have and treasure). He pushed hard to transform his hobby into a professional endeavour that languished. He invested in a comercial project that failed. And he vanished after that.

¿Do you know where Andrés Samudio is hiding? We want to hear from him.