WANTED! Beta-testers for Larry Horsfield’s new PAWED (well, err, ACEd) text adventures

Our much-admired Master of the Guild of PAW Writers, HE Larry Horsfield, the creative talent behind those & many acclaimed PAWed text adventures published as FSF AdventuresThe AXE OF KOLT saga or the MAGNETIC MOON saga among many others – back in the eighties and a regular reported star in the magazines of the age – Sinclair User or Your sinclair, to mention just a couple –, has kept on working on his PAW creations over the years and is now, in 2011, ready to release respectively a brand-new adventure, Fortress of Fear, plus an updated version of The lost children, both authored using the PAW language and compiled using the ACE Adventures package (available for download at the software tab of the Reservoir), a 100% compatible tool with the original PAW language but with much extended capabilites in line with the requirements of the modern times.

Larry is looking for beta-testers so as to fine-tune both adventures to perfect release candidates in the very next months to come. So if you like IF and text-adventures and would like to have the privilege of collaborating with him for the release of these two long-expected & excellent pieces of text adventuring to the world, please write Larry at lazzah2000@yahoo.co.uk.

Happy adventuring!!


Welcome, Garry Capuccini

20 years after, Garry Capuccini has returned.

Snap (CrackCity) ZenobiSoftware

Garry was, back in the 1990, heartfully praised by Mike Gerrard on his Your Sinclair section as one of the most innovative PAW programmers (read review here) of the time. His talent for designing neat and superb graphic layouts, rare in the text adventuring lair, along with the refined programming skills shown in his Crack City debut, earned him a solid reputation as a PAW celebrity.

I am looking forward to hearing what’s been up with Garry as to text adventuring and PAWing for the last 20 years. It will be reported in due course. Here, at the Reservoir.

Welcome, Larry Horsfield

¡Larry Horsfield is back!

Starship Quest

Well, in fact he never quit. Larry is a PAW celebrity of the Golden Age of PAW (1985-1990+). Under the trademark of FSF Adventures, he manufactured PAW masterpieces like The axe of Kolt and Magnetic moon series, The Krazy Kartoonist Kaper and many other excellent games. FSF games were well known for being extra-fun and extremely well written and designed, pushing both the computer and the PAW software to the limits to allocate his detailed stories and many advanced programming features, always with a friendly style and a proven intelligent game planning, as attested, for instance, by things like his guide to playing and writing adventure games, published once by Your Sinclair. His games were mostly for the giant 128k machines but rarely included graphics. It all went to text, multiple-part games, fantastic routines and in-game facilities, characters, etc.

If you want to learn from a master how to programme a text adventure using the PAW language, unpaw (using the Unpaw package available at the Manuals et al. page) any of his games and have it printed for a thorough pencil and marker work.

I recently received an email from Larry in which he confimed that he is currently working on the PC version of Fortress of fear, a previously unreleased text adventure he had left unfinished back in the 90’s on the ZX Spectrum. He is no longer using the official and original PAW software but Win ACE, one of the most interesting fourth generation PAW replicants (rather “evolutions”) produced by a friend of his, Andy Clark, and available for download at the Software page of the Reservoir. Apparently, Larry has been busy with some other undertakes since the PAW times but he reports that it is still his intention to convert all of his adventure games to the PC using Win ACE. Good news, innit?

¡Welcome back, Larry!

DOWNLOAD! Selected Works of Josep Coletes

Van Halen

The Selected works of Josep Coletes-zip contains The winds of the Walhalla Gold Edition, all the published games (8 so far) of the Dr Van Halen series, the Lucybel trilogy and the legacy Idiliar trilogy, all of which are PAWed games (ZX Spectrum format) . The works contained in this zipped file span some 20 years (1988 through 2009). Hmm.

¿Who says the PAW is outdated?

Welcome, Tony Barber

A few months ago, I wrote Tony:

Hi there,

I am testing a new software and I was wondering If I could use Valkyrie 17 for a training exercise. Will you send me copy of maps, listings and the source code? And bla bla bla.


Tony turned out to send none of what I had requested but everything and even more: he sent a full copy of his brand new The Biro 2 writing package including the working files of Valkyrie 17. The system includes a mapping feature among many other bells and whistles. Jaw-drop.

The fact is that I would have never expected to learn that The Biro wasn’t but a database-based system, conceived somewhere near 1980+something around the commonplace idea of what a writing tool should look and work like. And that was, you’re right, Gilsoft’s The Quill (see? biro, quill… hmm). More advanced, capable of handling PSIs, a similar syntax, an editor on PC!, a pseudo-graphic mapping feature, digitised graphics’ handling (in a renamed .gif to .avg format), etcétera.


In my opinion, The Biro sits right between The Quill and The PAW. I don’t have any permission from Tony to upload it to this site nor to provide any details about the system and I thus I will not. But I believe that, despite any eventual limitations of the system or formal detours from the PAW language paradigm, The Biro is a worthy PAWish system and fully deserves to be welcome in this site among his brethren.

Should Tony eventuallly grants permission to make The Biro go public through the Reservoir, the news will be reported in due course via this blog page of the site.

¿Where on earth is Andrés Samudio?

Samudio sepia

Andrés once had a vision. He tried and made his hardest to create a market for text adventuring in spanish. He was passionate about text adventures. He was passionate about stories and writing games. He was passionate about computers and entertainment. He opened the homegrown adventure writing scene to the avid spanish creators of the time. He made it possible that I got hold of my very own copy of the PAW (which I still have and treasure). He pushed hard to transform his hobby into a professional endeavour that languished. He invested in a comercial project that failed. And he vanished after that.

¿Do you know where Andrés Samudio is hiding? We want to hear from him.