FEATURE! The PAW Programming Bible ¡UPDATED!


The How to… section of The PAW Reservoir is intended to contain the intel about the software: manuals, tutorials, code snippets and routines, source codes, programming aids, how-to articles…

At this very early stage of the reservoir, we are mainly focused on getting hold of contents and stuff rather than making them look neat & nice. That’s why the Programming Bible, our own particular first-folio of the PAW culture, contains scanned documents, merely attached one to another and as yet is not organized at all. Every single piece of new PAW intel we may come across will be added to the file in due course.

One of the things we’re after is Cristopher Hester’s Adventure Code pages, one of the most reputed fanzines of the time. But we seem to be unable to get hold of Chris, of his editor (Mandy Rodrigues) or of anyone who may have these valuables in store.

Does anybody know how to get in touch with either of them nowadays?

UPDATE 29 jul 2013!!: Here are the much-seeked links to Chris Hester’s Adventure Code issues #1#2#3 and #4. Should Chris kindly grants his permission, the PAW Programming Bible pdf file will be updated to include these valuable pages.

As usual, all contributions in this respect are much more than welcome.