WANTED! Beta-testers for Larry Horsfield’s new PAWED (well, err, ACEd) text adventures

Our much-admired Master of the Guild of PAW Writers, HE Larry Horsfield, the creative talent behind those & many acclaimed PAWed text adventures published as FSF AdventuresThe AXE OF KOLT saga or the MAGNETIC MOON saga among many others – back in the eighties and a regular reported star in the magazines of the age – Sinclair User or Your sinclair, to mention just a couple –, has kept on working on his PAW creations over the years and is now, in 2011, ready to release respectively a brand-new adventure, Fortress of Fear, plus an updated version of The lost children, both authored using the PAW language and compiled using the ACE Adventures package (available for download at the software tab of the Reservoir), a 100% compatible tool with the original PAW language but with much extended capabilites in line with the requirements of the modern times.

Larry is looking for beta-testers so as to fine-tune both adventures to perfect release candidates in the very next months to come. So if you like IF and text-adventures and would like to have the privilege of collaborating with him for the release of these two long-expected & excellent pieces of text adventuring to the world, please write Larry at lazzah2000@yahoo.co.uk.

Happy adventuring!!

WANTED! … and obtained!

Despite the void that seems to have engulfed this reservoir for the last months, we have endured the hard work at the backstage to keep the PAW alive.

As yet, we have not been able to get hold of the SWAN nor the DAAD, but, thanks to the contribution of Dave Webb, you can now find the Opus discovery A080 version of the PAW at the software tab of the reservoir. Dave advises that the image contains the abandoned database of an unfinished adventure of his and, although he has been unable to delete it from the file, he has still decided to contribute it to the reservoir.

We thank Dave for approaching the reservoir with such a contributive attitude and invite him get further involved in whichever way he may feel like.

Do you want to contribute your own suggestions here? Please don’t hesitate to do it and WRITE NOW to paw@artematopeya.es.

WANTED! Infinite Imaginations’ SWAN and Tim Gilberts’ DAAD


Once the PAW had become the market standard benchmark for text adventuring all around the world (meaning in the UK, which in fact was meant the world as to text-adventuring),  Yeandle and Gilberts joined Hugh Hamer-Powell to create Infinite Imaginations and develop the next generation parser. It was known by the name of System without a name (SWAN) and put to good use by Fergus McNeill for his Mindfighter game. Along all the bells and whistles already available in PAW, the new system allowed for the use of digitised graphics instead of a line editor, an even more advanced English parser, advanced intelligent interactive characters, an alternative icon-driven system control and many, many, many other beautifulities.

Time later, Tim Gilberts was hired by the spanish company Aventuras AD to create a tailor-made, all new in-house parser featuring PAW’s and SWAN’s tools plus new enhancements suggested by Andrés Samudio. The Diseñador de Aventuras AD (DAAD) reached version 2.8 and only a few may be aware of the secret location of the vault where the DAAD backup files are kept today.

These systems belong inasmuch to the PAW culture. They have been kept hidden for years and it IS definitely hard to get hold of them by any means.

If you are Andrés Samudio or any other living identity, have a copy of the DAAD and want to contribute your treasures with the PAW culture and the worldwide PAW community, you are invited to do so. The same applies if you want to be credited for sharing your copy of the SWAN system. Any versions, any systems. Both packages, when provided, will be made available at the PAW Zero page of this site.

Thank you in advance for your generosity.

ENROL! PAW Pride Index call for registration


The Reservoir also aims at compiling an up-to-date & public census of PAW users and programmers so that initiatives like team-ups, projects and others tasks can be easily assigned and implemented. C’mon, register with the Index by sending an e-mail including:

  • your full name
  • nickname (if any)
  • date of birth
  • working language
  • e-mail address
  • proprietary IF/text-adventures related web sites, blogs, etc
  • preferred platform: ZX, Amstrad, Windows PC, etc
  • any published games, PAWed or not
  • specialty: story/script writing, concept art, game design, programming, beta-testing, etc
  • interest in type of project: parser design, new games, remakes (e.g. The PAWed Hobbit Deluxe), translations, alt genre PAWed games (e.g. strategy), games for portable devices (under emulation, e.g. ZX), etc
  • comments whatsoever

Only full name/nickname and e-mail info will be listed in page 6: People. Enrol the PAW Community TODAY and enjoy working in projects with others for the sheer & mere sake of being creative and HAVE FUN!

WANTED! Version history


There currently exist several versions of the PAW available in the ZX Spectrum format:

  • A04-c
  • A09-c
  • A16-c
  • A16-d
  • A17-c
  • A18-?
  • B01-c
  • B02-c
  • B03-+3

… plus storage-device based versions (microdrive, +3 disk, etc). As per my limited wits and documentation, I can infer that A- versions correspond to the first generation implementation. The A04-c is the most screen-dumped english version reported in articles and internet sites. Versions kept on growing serially (maintenance and bug-ridding, most probably) up to A16-c which is, I guess, the mature release that include turn-of-the-century technical advances reported in the manual supplement for A16+versions. New maintenance releases until A-18 and, ¡tzak!, the PAW is localized into spanish and a new branch of the system emerges. The first spanish release corresponds to A18 but, from then onwards, versions are serialized upon B-. Most probably, while the spaniards ketp on upgrading the PAW Tim Gilberts had it replaced by the SWAN in England which, in turn, became the semen for the all-exclusive, in-house DAAD misterious thing, again in spanish… 

Is there any chance that an eventual somebody may have any idea on which features featured each and every of the versions of the system, so that this humble heart may compile a trustworthy version history of the software.

I wonder… were there any undocumented features hidden somewhere within the PAW?